Hair - *Dura*B77-DARK

Jacket - ...Scars... Crystal Collar Jacket [All Color]
Pants -  ...Scars... Ripped Knee Pants [All Color]

Pose - SamPoses - The Thinker

New Exclusive round july of Square1 Event SL by SamPoses

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Buscando la Luna

Hair - Dura-B&G77-DARK
Jacket - ...Scars... Stand Collar Jacket [All Color]
Pants - ...Scars... Leather Pants [Black]
Pose - BodyLanguage SLC Bento SS POSE Thumbs Up A (Knot & co. Gift)

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Hair - *Dura*B77-DARK
Tatto - .:::G.ID:::. Charlotte Tattoo Blogger 
Pants -  Angel DELUXE - Pack 2 Fold Cuff Pant - BODYMESH
Beards - -Nivaro- Applier Beards - Tribal Stubble 2 Group Gift
Necklase - ULTRA GIFT - L&B Swear Shark Tooth Choker (Unisex) Group Gift
Bracelet - ^^Swallow^^ L'Homme GIFT. Group Gift

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Surfero de la vida, aunque la ola mas dificil es la de tu Cuerpo

Hair - *Dura*B77-DARK

Tatoo - .:::GID:::. Trash Polka tatoo
Exclusive Unisex Tattoo Available at The Suicide Dollz

Trunks - Angel DELUXE - Pack 1 Outfit Beach - 

Pose - SurfUp SamPoses
exclusive round may of hashtag summer

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Marejada que se forma en las Curvas de tu cuerpo, con las olas de tu atraccion

Angel DELUXE - Pack 1 Outfit Beach - 
Cap, Shirt and Trunks

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Viaje al mundo del nunca Acabar los que doy mientras me susurraS

Hair - *Dura*B77-DARK
Shirt - ...Scars...Cotton T-shirt [Plain & Pattern]
Pants - ...Scars... Roll Up Shorts [All Color]
Shoes - A&D Clothing - Shoes -Barcelona-  FatPack
Cars - - Madriniz - Next Motors

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Por Ti

Por ti Salto al Vacio, por ti Muevo montañas Por ti me Vuelvo Loco

Hair - *Dura-Boy*74 -DARK
Outfit - _!_L.C.T.M_!_  Reaper Outfit (man) 
Free in Notice Group

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En tu Mirada

En tu mirada mi delirio, en mi delirio solo Tu

In my Wyfe Anna

Shorts: ***ArisarisB&W~Latest Shorts & Belt~Hud textures change

Pose: SamPoses - Embrace -The Avenue - April exclusive with a discount of 35% at the Avenue event from april first untill april 15 2017

In me

Hair- *Dura-Boy*74 -DARK

Pants - *AGATA* Stripe sweat pants Group Gift male Group gift

Shoes - KiB Designs - Bastian Boots

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Time to Time

Time to time, even if small it becomes eternal
Tiempo al Tiempo, aunque sea pequeño se hace eterno

Hair - *Dura*B75@TMD for Dura bloggers
Suit - ...Scars... Slim Fit Suit


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Te Espero

Te espero Para caminar Y dar la Vuelta al Mundo Contigo

Hair - *Dura-Boy*74 -DARK New
Jacket - ...Scars... Designer Jacket [Chic Gray] New
Pants...Scars...  Layered Pants [Chic Gray] New

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Frio... Contigo Nunca

El frio a tu lado Nunca existe es maximo El calor de los Sentimientos

In my Wife Anna

Hair: DOUX - Scarlet F hairstyle [Blondes]

Boots: [hh] Northelyn Boots New

In me

Hair - *Dura-Boy*74 -DARK

Eyes - ..:: OPOPOP // Eyes A#7 Light Grey ::..  New

Jacket - Major Male Jacket Fatpack - Fashionnatic  New

Pose - ::WetCat:: "Sky-Line" Static Photography  New

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Miss You

I can only say I miss you

Hair - rezology Man Bun Undercut (mesh hair)
Head - *!*Adam Mesh Head- beta1-v1.4+BENTO 
Beard - *!*Adam- Beard Bento M1/2/3/4/5/6 --
Shirt - A&D Clothing - Shirt -Ethan-  

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