Sin Ti me encuentro Perdido

Sin ti me Encuentro Perdido, tus besos son los que me hacen Suspirar

In my Wife Anna

Hair:enVOGUE - HAIR Desiree - Ombre

Outfit:[RnR] Swag Ease Primavera Palm Outfit SWANK APRIL

Rolled Blanket : [.:Tm:.] Cuddle Spring Rolled Blanket SWANK APRIL

In me
Hair - *Dura-Boy*66 
Outfit - LUXE Paris ARISTO Exclusive Men Outfit SWANK APRIL

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My littel flor

Mi pequeña Flor, los momento que tu me das y el resultado de tu Calor

Preos Outfit
Hair - > Asset < Vampire Hair 
Click Tp to Asset
Headress - TABOU. Eclipse Headress - Black
Collar -   TABOU. Eclipse collar- Black
Click Tp to TABOU
Ears -     [SWaGGa] Faun Ears (Boxed)
Blindfols -[SWaGGa] Kawaii As Fck Blindfolds (Boxed)
Arms -     [SWaGGa] Mech Arms (Boxed)
Pants -    [SWaGGa] Sporty Pants (Boxed)
Click Tp to Swagga

Rocio Outfit 
Totally Free In Market
Hair - Tameless Hair Dori - Naturals
CLick Market
Hair Ornament and Wings - *Heart* - Poranek Fae for Little me
CLick Market
Ears - [K] Elf Spike Ears 2.1
CLick Market
Dress - {Lil Big Me} Ruffles Roses Outfit
CLick Market

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Sin Miedo a Caer

Sin Miedo a Caer Siempre estan tus Manos para Levantarme

Outfit - GQ - AT Your Liesure Outfit - By 69 Park Ave
Glass- Jacket - Pants and Shoes
Click Tp to SWANK

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Eres Mia

Cierro mis Manos y Siento que Eres mia, no Voy a Soltar

In my wife Anna

Hair: > Asset < Vampire Hair Blondes

Lingerie -United Colors Shop-@UBER UC_Wild_wife_corset_all in 1_Maitreya_Belleza_Slink 


In me 

Hair - *Dura-Anime*05 @TMD of April

FaceStrap - B BOS -Skittles FaceStrap-

Tatoo - .:::G.ID:::. Ritual Tattoo 

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