Sin Destino

Sin Destino marcado, Sin Lugar Definido, Solo el Horizonte de tus Abrazos

Hair - *Dura-Game*03-DARK
Jacket - Gard Gothic Jacket FashionNatic
Pants - Gage Pocket Pants FashionNatic
Shoes - Snifer Male Sneakers FashionNatic

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De Compras

Dias de Compras y el Mayor regalo siempre lo llevo de mi Brazo

In my Wife Anna

Top: {Indyra} Aubrey Knit Top: Noir New

Skirt: {Indyra} Audra Suede Skirt: Coffee New

Booties: [hh] Vogue Booties New

Pose: *Eternal Dream* Making Gifts Frozen Fair New

In me

Hair - *Dura-Boy*73- New

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Miradas Complices donde se guardan los latidos del Corazon

In my Wife Anna

Tattoo: .::Nanika::. Leela tattoo / ON9

Skirt and Top: :::KC::: Telma Outfit

Pose: {QP} - Couple Stool Pose Set 1A (Wear/Add) Now available at 2nd Level 1st anniversary round 9th until 30th December

In me

Hair - *Dura-Boy*73-

Shirt - ..:: OPOPOP // Ara - FullPack // Mesh Shirt ::..

Pants - ..:: OPOPOP // Wembley  // Mesh Jean's ::..

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Besos de Invierno

Besos de Invierno Los que Dan calor a la Vida

In my Wife Anna

::::KC::: Nicole Outfit //Maitreya//Slink//Belleza  Includes: • TOP 2 COLORS, JEANS 2 COLORS & OPTION HIGH OR FLAT, BAG 2 COLORS, HEELS 2 COLORS & Jewels New

Pose: Samposes -First KIssWear/Add)

In me 

Hair - Dura-Boy72@TMD New

Shirt -Costarlos Jacobs Shirt Monochrome Black New

Pants - Costarlos Cooper Jean Black New

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Tu y Yo la DinamiTa

In my Wife Anna

Pose: Amitie & [hedon]*{TNT} Full Set of Poses - Available at Tres Chic - 17th November New
Set of 2 Male , 2 Female and 4 couple Poses. 
Including: Chair and Crate, Cigarettes and different versions of Dynamite ( wearable & Transferable)

In me

Hair - Dura-Boy72 New

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Siempre tuyo

Siempre sere Tuyo para perderme en tus eternos Abrazos

In me 

Hair - *Dura-B&G*71 - DARK COLOR New

Shirt - A&D Vest & Shirt -Hugh- New

In my Wyfee Anna

Necklace: *AvaWay* necklace EMMANUELLE_part of Jewelry Set 

Dress: KiB Designs - Yanikka Gown for DS New

Pose: :LW: Poses - Love is an Obsession - couples pose exclusive for the next round of the Expose event New

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Esta Tarde

Esta tarde Suspire echando de Menos tan Solo tu Sonrisa

Outfit - (ALPHA MALE)Star Of The Show Only 99 L$
Cap - Glasses - Wacth - Jersey - Pants and Shoes

Click Link To  MArket

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Por ti Luchare Contra Giganes y montañaS

In me

Crown - TABOU. Crown of the night  Click TP Horror Fair 2016 New

Horns - .:::G.ID:::.Singularity Horns Boho Exclusive Gift  Click TP The Boho Culture Fair 2016 New

Tatto - .:::G.ID:::. Vegan Tattoo Strong Click TP The Boho Culture Fair 2016 New

In my Wife Anna

Hair: DURA Hair 09 (Kinky Event) New

Outfit: Meva Philora Set Black exclusive at We ♥ Role Play New

Pose: :LW: Poses - warrior princess Gacha Available at the next round of Premium Only Event, with the theme "Supernatural" opening october 12th. New

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LLegas y Nos Vamos

Llegas y nos Vamos al fin del mundo Donde to a tu Lado se hace infinito

Hair - *Dura-B&G*72-DARK
Click TP to Dura
Jacket - ...Scars... Tweed Jacket 
Pants - ...Scars... Denim Pants 
Click TP to Scars

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Todos los Sueños se cumplen el Mio eras Tu

In my husband preos

Hair - Dura-Boy64 FAT

Outfit - (ALPHA MALE)Trouble New

La pequeña Rocio

Outfit free in MArket 1Linden

In me 

Pose: Q Poses Hey Buddy @ Cosmopolitan New

Decor: Serenity Style-Vintage Tricycle - THE CROSSROADS From 3 October New

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Solo tu

In me Preos

Hair - DURA-BOY56

Outfit - (ALPHA MALE) QAFV3 Only 99 Lindes
Jacket Whit Tia, Pants a Boots

In my wife Annahyss 

Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_CLOUD ~

Top_ WAYNE / Magissa Leather Bustier / White  #Tres Chic

Skirt: WAYNE / Magissa Leather Skirt / Red  #Tres Chic

Shoes: [hh] Maddy Pom-Pom Heels


Oriente con olor a cerezos embriagándome como el perfume de tu cuerpo, y los besos de tus labios

Hair - DURA Hair 07 
Click Tp to Dura
Outfit -...Scars... YUKATA [All Color] 
Click Tp to Scars

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Tu Mi CantaR

Tu mi Cantar, mi forma de Vivir mi manera de Respirar

Hair - *Dura*Boys&Girls70@FETISH FAIR 2016
CLick Tp Dura
Tattoo - .:::G.ID:::. Malum Tattoo Blogger (unpacked)
CLick Tp GID
Pants - Stamos Shorts FashionNatic
CLick Tp FashionNatic
Pose - ::WetCat:: "Play Strings" MALE BOX
CLick Tp WetCat

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Inmortal como lo que Siento por ti, Inmortal como me haces con el calor de tu Cuerpo

Hair - Tableau Vivant - SLB13 Piece of Cake  Free
Click Tableu Vivant
Outfit - ::GB::Vintage Suit / Black 
Click Tp to Gabriel

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No tengas miedo Besame

In my wife

Hair: rezology Tossed Behind

Dress: B BOS -Kit Dress-Black-

Jewelry: Meva Leather 3 Set (now wear only necklace and bracelet)

Shoes: phedora. Rosetta platforms 21 Colors HUD GROUP GIFT

Pose: {QP} - Pit Stop (Wear/Add)for Cosmopolitan Sales Room {Round 20/4} 20th June - 2nd July

In me

Hair - Dura-Boy70 

Outfit - Sage- Harrison Set: Pants and Shirt Swank Events

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Soplo De Aire

Soplo de Aire el que Siento en tu Sonrisa con la que enciendes el motor de mis Dias

Hair - Dura-Boy70 FAT
Click Tp to Dura

Shirt and Pants - EC Monochrome Blue [mens]
Click Tp to Swank Events

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Esperando Para Salir

Esperando tu Llegada la que me llena de Amor y Paz para Salir de la Marea

Outfit - PRISM for MEN Roman outfit V.2 
Click Tp to Swank Events
Click Tp to Prism Store

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Me pierdo en tu mirada

In me

Tatto - .:::G.ID:::. Muse Tattoo

Bracelet - Luminesse Jarek Coffee Leather Silver Bracelets MENS to SWANK EVENT

Glasses - HOT FUSS - Group Gift "Wayfarer" Sunglasses to SWANK EVENT

Panst - ::HOT FUSS:: Avalon Board Shorts - CAMO to SWANK EVENT

In my wife Annahyss

Hair: enVOGUE - HAIR Estelle - Ombre

Pullover shirt: NS:: Mesh Crochet Pullover shirt (HUD)

Jeans: FashionNatic Deina Pants 

Pose: {QP} - Playful Couple C5

Tarde de Paseo

In my wife Anna 

Hair: rezology Butterfly 171 (mesh hair)

Dress: B BOS -Titi Dress-White-

Jewelry: Meva White Flower Set

Pose:LW: Poses - How much we enjoy - couple pose-The pose is an Exclusive for the pose hop event running from the 15th - 30th of June

In me

Hair - Dura-Boy69 @TMD

Shirt - ...Scars... Denim Shirt

Pants - ...Scars... Roll Up Shorts

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Tu mirada

Tu mirada La que me da Calor y me devuelve la vida

In my wife Anna

Hair: enVOGUE - HAIR Desiree - Ombre

Outfit: LRD outfit Devil Blocks to SWANK EVENT


Pose: {QP} - Stand By You (Wear/Add)

In me 

Shirt- ::ALTER:: Ian Longsleeve Shirt to SWANK EVENT

Pant - ::ALTER:: Morgan Pants [RED] to SWANK EVENT

Furniture and decor: -aKa- to SWANK EVENT:
-aKa- Expo Skybox
-aKa - 4 Ponytail palms in a worn pot
-aKa- Industial Bar - Stool Black/Red
-aKa- Industial Dining - Stool Teal/Black

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Dame el vino de tus labios

In me

Hair - *Dura-Boy*67 FAT

Outfit - Gabriel Gacha
Shirt - 2.::GB:: Shirt & Tie / White*
Holster -1.::GB:: Holster RARE
Pants - 6.::GB::Straight pants / Black
Shoes - 9.::GB::Leather shoes / Black

In my wife Annahyss

Hair: rezology Sky 210

Necklace: Meva Leather Flower Necklace Black

Tatoo: .::Nanika::.Jiya tatoo Socks to SANARAE EVENT

Dress: Bens Boutique - Sila Strapless Dress - Hud Driven

Shoes: [hh] Kelly Stilettos V1 Soft Leather Pack

Tu Llegada

Esperando Tu Llegada el regreso de la que Eres Tu

Hair -  Dura-Boy68 FAT@May of TMD
Click Tp Dura

Skins7 Deadly s[K]ins - ACE mesh skin box
Click TP Swank Events
Click Tp 7Deadly

Jacket -  LRD Mens Shabby Blazer Tony
Pant -  LRD Mens Jeans Sean 3.
Click TP Swank Events
Click TP LRD

Shoes -  Loordes of London- The Agonomos-#7 1
Click TP Swank Events
Click TP Loordes of London

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...... nunca dejaremos de luchar por lo que creemos......


Hair - > Asset < Adventure Hair 

Outfit - 1.::GB::Armour Gorget Collar / Black RARE
4.::GB::Gladiator Belt / Black RARE
7.::GB::Gladiator Pants / Black
10.::GB::Gladiator Boots / Black
13.::GB::Long Glove / Black



Tattoo : .::Nanika::. Fast Deer tattoo black Leg & .::Nanika::. Fast Deer tattoo black Torso @ The Secret Affair

Top: :::KC::: Anya Crossed Top

Bracelet:[VM] VERO MODERO / Double Studs Black Bracelet

Shorts: Blair Shorts Maitreya - Physique - Hourglass FashionNatic

Boots:[hh] Lilou Fringe Booties HUD Driven

Bears : Slumbering bear family by 3rd eye Exclusive Swank

Tree,Adirondack Chair and the Pit: [MO] Elven Forest Tree,Adirondack Chair and the Pit to Swank

Pose:.::NanikA::.Archer Poses Set mesh bow+arrows

Te necesito siempre cerca de mi

In my husband Preos:

Outfit: Luxe Paris Store CAPE COD Men Shirt, Shorts & Sweater - Swank Events

In me:

Hair: rezology The Cat (mesh hair)

Jewelry: GeWunjo : SAMIRA bracelets

Top : B BOS -Shila Top-White-

Furniture and decor:

.:Tm:.plants and wooden chest part of set to Swank Events :
[Moments] Cuddle Wooden Chest 4Sit S7.c Light
[P2 Beach] Pathway Wood Half Middle curve mesh
[GP03C] Spring Summer Mix 6 Flowers Cluster Mesh CM
[GM10 Spring] Garden Arrangement EXCLUSIVE SWANK EVENTS

Kaya's set Ray of Sunshine to Swank Events :
K*Adirondack Chair Blue 2

K*Light Blue Cooler  5
K*Watermelon Table Cobalt 3
K*Mason Jar Garden Light 5
K*Watermelon 1
K*Lantern - Green On/Off Touch 6

😉 In Annahyss blog

Son nuestros Latidos

Son nuestros Latidos la musica mas bonita de escuchar

In my Wife Anna
rezology Braided Topknot (mesh hair)

Bens Boutique - Nazli Jumper - Hud Driven

*AvaWay* SPRING BOUQUET_Necklace_Violet toGacha Garden May 2016

Pose: :LW: Poses - Feeling safe - couples pose
In me:
Hair - *Dura-Boy*67 FAT

Jacket - ::GB:: Varsity jacket

Pants: B BOS -Lino SweatPants-Camo Black-

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Dias de Taller

Dias de Taller, donde siempre se arregla Todo con Tus besos

Hair - *Dura-Anime*05 @TMD of April
Click TP Dura

Glasses - TABOU. Aviator Glasses- Gold
Click TP Tabou

Outfit - GABRIEL Epiphany APR GACHA
1.::GB::Opaen jacket / Black c  RARE
5.::GB::Cross Long Tank / Gray c
7.::GB::Biker Jean & boots / Black c
Click TP Gabriel

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Sin Ti me encuentro Perdido

Sin ti me Encuentro Perdido, tus besos son los que me hacen Suspirar

In my Wife Anna

Hair:enVOGUE - HAIR Desiree - Ombre

Outfit:[RnR] Swag Ease Primavera Palm Outfit SWANK APRIL

Rolled Blanket : [.:Tm:.] Cuddle Spring Rolled Blanket SWANK APRIL

In me
Hair - *Dura-Boy*66 
Outfit - LUXE Paris ARISTO Exclusive Men Outfit SWANK APRIL

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My littel flor

Mi pequeña Flor, los momento que tu me das y el resultado de tu Calor

Preos Outfit
Hair - > Asset < Vampire Hair 
Click Tp to Asset
Headress - TABOU. Eclipse Headress - Black
Collar -   TABOU. Eclipse collar- Black
Click Tp to TABOU
Ears -     [SWaGGa] Faun Ears (Boxed)
Blindfols -[SWaGGa] Kawaii As Fck Blindfolds (Boxed)
Arms -     [SWaGGa] Mech Arms (Boxed)
Pants -    [SWaGGa] Sporty Pants (Boxed)
Click Tp to Swagga

Rocio Outfit 
Totally Free In Market
Hair - Tameless Hair Dori - Naturals
CLick Market
Hair Ornament and Wings - *Heart* - Poranek Fae for Little me
CLick Market
Ears - [K] Elf Spike Ears 2.1
CLick Market
Dress - {Lil Big Me} Ruffles Roses Outfit
CLick Market

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