-Labyrinth- Renegade Mesh Head Shapes NEW


1 - Higher resolution textures.
Labyrinth mesh heads have EIGHT TIMES the resolution of the standard SL avatar skin's head. This level of detail is particularly noticeable on the eyes, lips, eyebrows and hair.

2 - More realistic shapes.
Because mesh is vastly more flexible than the SL avatar, the shapes of the head are much more realistic. The mesh allows for looks not possible with the traditional SL avatar.

3 - More Variety
Every Hud skin for mesh heads are paired with different shapes of heads, giving you a variety of options for appearance. Because of the greater flexibility of modeling mesh, more unique and different shapes can be made, making one skin (texture) of face look radically different to another. Explore to find your favorite!

4 - Fast and simple HUD for customization.

6 Skin Huds separately offering 6 different skin tones.
4 eyebrow and hair colors (Black, Brown, Blonde, Red)
7 Beard styles in above colors.
Clean, Light Stubble and Heavy Stubble.

-Labyrinth- Mesh Head HUD (Renegade Series) - Pale NEW

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