Un Descanso

Un Descanso contigo en los dulces cariños de tus brazos tus gestos y tus miradas

In me Wife
HairNo Match No Reflection @ On9

Outfit – 
FashionNatic  Zozefina Female Outfit NEW !!!
This outfit contains:
* 5 sizes Rigged Short
* 5 sizes Rigged Top
* Mesh Slink Boots (Feet Not Included)
* Hud to choose you 30 styles for the Top,Top V, Top Laces,Short, Short Laces, Short V, 25 styles for the Shoes and 2 styles for the parts

In Me
Cap - ::TI:: Good Boy- Cap
Necklace - ::TI:: I love Me - Necklace - Unisex
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Shirt - B BOS -Argi T-Shirt-Bone-
Click TP to Bbos

Bracelet - Ramsil Unisex Bracelet FashionNatic
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Pose - ::WetCat:: "Third-Base" -  Baseball
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