Dame el vino de tus labios

In me

Hair - *Dura-Boy*67 FAT

Outfit - Gabriel Gacha
Shirt - 2.::GB:: Shirt & Tie / White*
Holster -1.::GB:: Holster RARE
Pants - 6.::GB::Straight pants / Black
Shoes - 9.::GB::Leather shoes / Black

In my wife Annahyss

Hair: rezology Sky 210

Necklace: Meva Leather Flower Necklace Black

Tatoo: .::Nanika::.Jiya tatoo Socks to SANARAE EVENT

Dress: Bens Boutique - Sila Strapless Dress - Hud Driven

Shoes: [hh] Kelly Stilettos V1 Soft Leather Pack

Tu Llegada

Esperando Tu Llegada el regreso de la que Eres Tu

Hair -  Dura-Boy68 FAT@May of TMD
Click Tp Dura

Skins7 Deadly s[K]ins - ACE mesh skin box
Click TP Swank Events
Click Tp 7Deadly

Jacket -  LRD Mens Shabby Blazer Tony
Pant -  LRD Mens Jeans Sean 3.
Click TP Swank Events
Click TP LRD

Shoes -  Loordes of London- The Agonomos-#7 1
Click TP Swank Events
Click TP Loordes of London

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...... nunca dejaremos de luchar por lo que creemos......


Hair - > Asset < Adventure Hair 

Outfit - 1.::GB::Armour Gorget Collar / Black RARE
4.::GB::Gladiator Belt / Black RARE
7.::GB::Gladiator Pants / Black
10.::GB::Gladiator Boots / Black
13.::GB::Long Glove / Black



Tattoo : .::Nanika::. Fast Deer tattoo black Leg & .::Nanika::. Fast Deer tattoo black Torso @ The Secret Affair

Top: :::KC::: Anya Crossed Top

Bracelet:[VM] VERO MODERO / Double Studs Black Bracelet

Shorts: Blair Shorts Maitreya - Physique - Hourglass FashionNatic

Boots:[hh] Lilou Fringe Booties HUD Driven

Bears : Slumbering bear family by 3rd eye Exclusive Swank

Tree,Adirondack Chair and the Pit: [MO] Elven Forest Tree,Adirondack Chair and the Pit to Swank

Pose:.::NanikA::.Archer Poses Set mesh bow+arrows

Te necesito siempre cerca de mi

In my husband Preos:

Outfit: Luxe Paris Store CAPE COD Men Shirt, Shorts & Sweater - Swank Events

In me:

Hair: rezology The Cat (mesh hair)

Jewelry: GeWunjo : SAMIRA bracelets

Top : B BOS -Shila Top-White-

Furniture and decor:

.:Tm:.plants and wooden chest part of set to Swank Events :
[Moments] Cuddle Wooden Chest 4Sit S7.c Light
[P2 Beach] Pathway Wood Half Middle curve mesh
[GP03C] Spring Summer Mix 6 Flowers Cluster Mesh CM
[GM10 Spring] Garden Arrangement EXCLUSIVE SWANK EVENTS

Kaya's set Ray of Sunshine to Swank Events :
K*Adirondack Chair Blue 2

K*Light Blue Cooler  5
K*Watermelon Table Cobalt 3
K*Mason Jar Garden Light 5
K*Watermelon 1
K*Lantern - Green On/Off Touch 6

😉 In Annahyss blog http://arenaysalsl.blogspot.com.es/2016/05/la-luna-vive-en-el-revestimiento-de-tu.html

Son nuestros Latidos

Son nuestros Latidos la musica mas bonita de escuchar

In my Wife Anna
rezology Braided Topknot (mesh hair)

Bens Boutique - Nazli Jumper - Hud Driven

*AvaWay* SPRING BOUQUET_Necklace_Violet toGacha Garden May 2016

Pose: :LW: Poses - Feeling safe - couples pose
In me:
Hair - *Dura-Boy*67 FAT

Jacket - ::GB:: Varsity jacket

Pants: B BOS -Lino SweatPants-Camo Black-

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Dias de Taller

Dias de Taller, donde siempre se arregla Todo con Tus besos

Hair - *Dura-Anime*05 @TMD of April
Click TP Dura

Glasses - TABOU. Aviator Glasses- Gold
Click TP Tabou

Outfit - GABRIEL Epiphany APR GACHA
1.::GB::Opaen jacket / Black c  RARE
5.::GB::Cross Long Tank / Gray c
7.::GB::Biker Jean & boots / Black c
Click TP Gabriel

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